Miami, FL

Miami shines bright
Marriage, Art Deco and pastels

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix more than sprawls
Goes on and on forever
But forgettable

Hartford, CT

Hartford at midnight

Under fluorescent we worked

Desolate outside

Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya

Barcelona sí

Arquitectura fama

Pueblo vibrante

Seattle, WA

Seattle sunshine

Vibes that tug at my heartstrings

The coffee abounds

Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha, España

Ciudad Real vi

Como un espejismo

De mis ancestros

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver Buddhas

Our coupons were not valid

Perhaps the next time

Madrid, España

Madrid, la triste

Bendición olvidada

Volverá un día

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, no doubt

Your fantasy overwhelms

Waiting to return

San Francisco, CA

It’s San Francisco
Stale bread nearly took my life
Still an enchantress

About Me

Alex J.

Born of the sand and blood / Emigrated to the land of one / Searching for awakening / But lost in my own head / Share my life with a Buddha

Favorite Quote

In the same way that someone in the midst of a rough crowd guards a wound with great care, so in the midst of bad company should one always guard the wound that is the mind.

-Santideva, "Bodhicaryavatara"